Website Audit & Consultation


Website Audit including report and follow up consultation. Ideal for all websites and blogs.

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Do you need a Website Audit?

I will provide you with a full and detailed report about your website or blog.

The report will include reviews of the following:
Website Audit of your site or blog.
– Full report & recommendations.
– Up to 30 minute 1-2-1 consultation* to review the report & suggested actions.

*The 1-2-1 consultation will be via phone call, Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp after you have received the report so that we can discuss it and go through the recommendations I have made.

This product is useful for those of you who are looking to revamp your website or blog, make sure it is user-friendly, and to check that it’s working as well as it can. This audit is good for all websites and blogs.

May 23, 2019

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