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Have you written a blog post but you want someone else to edit it for you? Purchase this product now and I will do the blog post editing and SEO for you.

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Did you write a blog post but you don’t want to do the editing yourself? You need a blog editor. This product is for me to do the copy-editing of one blog post* including the SEO.

Here is the breakdown of what this service includes:
– Proofreading the blog post
– English Editing including spelling and grammar check
– Formatting

Once you purchase this product you need to email me the raw post and we can go from there. I aim for a 48 hour turnaround on a post provided I have the required information to get going.

*Please note there is a 1500 word post limit on this order. If the blog post exceeds this word count additional fees will be charged.

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April 27, 2019

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