Just Start!

Just Start

One of the biggest hurdles to actually starting your own enterprise, is taking that first step. Today’s Monday Motivation is a little piece of advice from me and that advice is to Just Start!

Start today, right now.

This is for all those budding entrepreneurs who have an idea that they love, that they are passionate about, and that they think might be something great. If you wait until tomorrow, you will always put it off. There will always be another excuse or perceived hurdle in your way. My advice to you would be to just start.

You might not have everything planned out. You might not know everything about everything, and that’s okay. Learning as you go, is okay. You don’t have to know everything or be 100% sure about what direction you want to go it. That’s okay. You will work it out as you go along.

Mistakes is also a part of the process. Don’t let the fear of making a mistake, stop you from starting.

Just start.

You can call me afterwards if you need some help! For now, just start!


February 19, 2018

  • Best advice every! If I had to get everything perfect for my blog before I start, I will still not have published. But jumping in and just starting has helped “forced” me to focus on good enough. #lekkerlinky

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